Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DAY 1294... Changing Your Luck

I use to think that I was unlucky. Unlucky in every single way possible.

This was me. I was 25, unmarried, not graduated from college, waking up at 4am to go to ESPN game day, working everyday, and just not really having meaning in my life. I was convinced that something was wrong with me. I didn't have a boy friend and I wasn't married. At this point my younger sister had been married for 3 years already!

And I had been an aunt for awhile.

I was having a really hard time being happy for other people. Seriously, this was taken at my best friends wedding...

Then one day everything changed. I decided that I needed to be happier and that I could be happier and that it was up to me to be happy and make that change. So I did. And I started to get lucky. 

I graduated from college.

I met the LOVE of my life.

I got engaged.

I got married.

I got pregnant.

My amazing cheer team won 5th place at USA cheerleading nationals.

I had a beautiful baby girl.

I got pregnant again.

I graduated with my master's degree.

I had a beautiful baby boy.

And all of this happened in 4 short years. 

I LOVE the movie Titanic. I just love anything to do with the Titanic basically. Billy Zane has a line in the movie where he says, "A real man makes his own luck." I believe that 100%! I changed my attitude and the way I lived my life and that changed my luck. attitude truly is everything. And now, here I am today, with an amazing husband and two insanely beautiful children. How grateful I am for my life. Is it perfect? Oh heck no. Far from it in fact, but it is good. It is wonderful!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Go Change Your Luck!

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