Saturday, April 1, 2017

Everything You Missed... March 2017 Edition

March was a super busy month. 
Packing up,
Jake came home from his mission,
saying goodbyes,
and getting ready to leave Rexburg.

Ryan did work on Jake's welcome home sign.

Ani LOVES her Sally!

Ryan turned 18!!!

Aniston was so excited to hold a baby bear.
Benson hated the experience.

Mountain High Mud Pie for Pi Day!

Those curls though...

St. Patrick's Day threads.

They are obsessed with Nana and Papa's baby chicks.

That tie...

Benson is a little weirdo.

Such a stud!

Beauty and the Beast is the BEST!

The animated version of Beauty and the Beast came out right around the time I was Ani's age so it was amazing to go and see it with her!

Love this guy!

Aniston didn't believe me when I told her this was a phone.

Benson is the king of pool!

She's my favorite girl!

 So proud of Jake and my Mom!

The things he found while we packed...

Last day of Pre-K!

 Spencer's last day of college!!!

Finding Dory!

Jamba the Hut!

Candy Eggs.

The babies are hatching!

Baby chicks!

Rooster attack!!!

At home work out!!

We are so excited for April and all of new Utah adventures!!!

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