Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Everything You Missed... November 2016 Edition

Does it seem like time is passing like crazy to anyone else other than myself?
I am in total shock that it's already December!

November was a good month for us!
Everything from insanely amazing weather,
to Spencer getting his dream job for April.
I really like November!

My kids LOVE eggs!
Good thing Nana and Papa have chickens so we get them for free!

 I got my hair did for the first time in like 3 years.
I am still obsessed with it!

Benson's new trick!

 Fun at Fat Cats!

This boy loves a good selfie!

 She is just so cute!
And incredibly sassy!

Ready for school!

We voted and made a day date out of it!

We were seriously blessed with some amazing warm November days and we took advantage of them for sure!

The Good Dinosaur is one of our 5 movies in the cycle currently.
Ask me how many times I've seen home?
I am so over that movie!
The music makes it bearable though.

More amazing November Park days!

Ani learned about being a Grocery store worker at school...

Aniston is always so excited to go watch her Uncle Ryan in his plays.
He played Bela Zangler in Crazy For You this time.
And he was AMAZING!

Big bows for days!

This kid has been resisting naps like crazy!
But every now and then I get lucky!

Benson decided this was the most comfortable way to sit in a cart...


Another new trick that Benson enjoys showing off.

I don't even have words...

Car wash fears.

They asked to be swaddled and then laid like that for 30 minutes watching a movie.

Sibling selfie!

Aniston made this.
It's basically Rapunzel.
See the lanterns in the sky?
And the characters?
Love it!

Benson ruined this selfie.

Helping Uncle Ry take out the Thanksgiving Day trash!

Aniston and Cortney!

Our last picture with our 1 year old before his birthday!


Sometimes I don't understand when people say we look alike.
And sometimes I see it.

Birthday boys get to sit on the table.


Like Father,
like son.

This game...
Not as fun or hilarious as we had hoped,
but still a good time.

On the Thanksgiving wall Aniston wrote that she was thankful for "Mom".
See how she wrote it at the bottom?

Every year at Thanksgiving we try different brands of the same thing and vote and see what wins.
This year we taste tested different types of Orange Juice.

Aniston thought it would be fun to stick a Christmas berry up her nose...

 Showing off.

Balancing in stripes.

 Benson is a little bit obsessed with water fountains.


Ani entered a coloring contest for Pizza Pie Cafe. 
Her's is the green Santa with the purple face.

Benson has been working hard on learning new words.


Tricks for Days!

So my kids love anything Halloween or death related,
but they hate, hate, HATE the dancing Santa.

Kisses for Mom.

My brother who is on a mission in Scotland right now found a saxophone in a music store and treated the good people of the Shetland Island with some Careless Whisper.

Benson got this watch from his Grandma for his birthday and he LOVES it!

The car wash is scary guys.

I thought she was saying Disco Darkness,
but apparently she was saying Go Into the Darkness.

Taco Tuesday!

He's 2!

Aniston just wants to have fun!

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