Sunday, September 21, 2014

DAY 1121... Farewell to Summer

Even though today marks the official first day of fall, our summer in the Ahlstrom house ended last weekend. This past week work started back up for me and Spencer returned to school. It was kind of a crazy week! But let's talk about summer.... Our summer was AWESOME! We played disc golf approximately 4-6 times a week... I mostly was forced to watch, lame. We had crazy amounts of BBQ, I apparently give the best and useful Father's Day gifts ever. And we just had a lot of time spent together as our last summer as a family of 3!!!

The lifestyle we live, doesn't permit us to travel very often, so we didn't vacation much, but this is our life right now and someday we will vacation our pants off.

Last weekend we snuck off to Jackson Hole, WY for a last summer getaway.

Spencer had never been there before and we figured when we live this close we definitely should take advantage of the opportunity to visit. We had an amazing time! The weather was beautiful and Aniston was seriously awesome. That's how you know you're a parent. When your days out of the house and the fun you have are dependent upon how well your child does.

Our first stop was to Teton Village because we needed to get our disc golf on. I apparently don't listen well when I'm pregnant because despite the fact that this course took place on the side of the ski mountain and was uphill and off road I wore a dress and sandals. But I walked the heck out of the course... and so did Ani. She only asked to be carried at the very end. I really wish I would've worn my fitbit to see exactly how far we actually walked. It was intense and the crappiest disc golf course we have ever played, but it was good to get out and hike and the views were amazing!

But despite the condition of the course, any disc golf time is a good time! Seriously... we may or may not be 100% obsessed with this sport. I am dying to start actually playing again as opposed to just taking pictures and putting.

It was fun for Aniston to go out and be in nature. We go to the park a lot and spend time outdoors, but for the past week she has been bragging to anyone who will listen about how she climbed up the mountain. This was real, serious nature y'all.

 Ani decided to take a selfie.... She's pretty legit I guess you could say.

At one point Aniston was a little worried because she saw this sign... but it wasn't worrisome enough that goldfish couldn't solve the issue and distract the child.

Aniston and I had time to kill while the others were playing the holes, so we set the camera to self timer for a little bit. Sassy girls... and brother.

At one point Spencer tried to convince me that carrying a disc golf bag full of discs, was just as difficult as being pregnant.... yeah right.

It was a wonderful day and seriously the best way to end the summer, besides if we had gone to Disneyland or Hawaii I guess, but perfect for our little family!

Now we're on to the fall... BABY TIME! I love sweaters, boots, leggings, soup, hot chocolate, football and when the leaves change. Ani is super amused by naked trees. It's so crazy to think about how different our lives and family will be by next summer. Bring on the fall!

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