Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dear Aniston... Part 14

Dear Aniston,

You are less than 6 months away from being a big sister. I think I'm still in shock that you aren't going to be the baby anymore. I shouldn't be too surprised, you act far from being a baby. You know your ABC's,you can basically count to 10 you just skip 4 and 5 sometimes, you talk in full sentences, and you entertain yourself for hours. You grew up much faster than I wanted you too, but I feel blessed that you are as smart and polite as you are. Seriously, I know that I'm not the perfect Mom and for you to be the brilliant little person that you are amazes me every day!

I'm not sure how to prepare you best to be a big sister. You already love babies, but are you going to love a baby that comes to our home and doesn't leave? I know how challenging it can be to have siblings, and I definitely want you to have a good experience with siblings and I want you to love them. I'm not naive enough to think that there will be no fighting, no crafty tricks played on each other, where's the fun in that right, but I just want you have have the best relationship that you can with your siblings. I love that you get to see me spend time with my youngest brothers every week. You get to see how much I love them and how well they play with you! I hope that our relationship can help you in your relationship with your future siblings.

I'm scared Aniston. When I was pregnant and in labor with you I didn't know what to expect, so I just took it all in and did what needed to be done. I feel a little weaker this time around. I don't like it when you see me sick and I don't like it when I can't give you 100% of me. I'm nervous about balancing my time between you and the new baby. I never want you to feel like you aren't important or that you don't get any Mom time, and maybe when the time comes it will be much easier than I am thinking it will be, wouldn't that be great?

You are definitely my child. You may look like your Daddy, but the attitude and the sass remind even my own parents of a younger me. I think I am definitely in for a treat with you and your siblings and I really can't wait! You are such a sweet and sensitive little lady with such an ability to lead and command attention. I have no doubt that when you want to be a killer be sister you will be, but I know to prepare and brace myself for those moments when you need it to be all about you. I already have wonderful plans for your last summer as an only child. I want to make it such a fun summer for you! We have swimming lessons and your 2nd birthday  that I have been planning for like crazy! I want to spend as much time as I possibly can with you and even though I know you won't remember it I promise to take lots of pictures so that you can look back and pretend you remember those times we had together.

Thank you Aniston for teaching me to be a Mom. You have really made it possible for us to even have another baby. Because of you, we have hope that our family can be successful and great. Thank you for teaching me everything I need to know to add to our family.

I love you!

Love- Your Mom

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