Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DAY 923... LENT

Before I get started I just want to say that I know I'm not Catholic. Whenever I tell someone that I am participating in Lent they never fail to ask, "You know you aren't Catholic right?" The answer is, yes, I know. I have celebrated lent for 7 years now. This year will be my eighth year. So why do I celebrate Lent? Although I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka Mormon) I understand and appreciate the beliefs and celebrations that other religions have and I love to learn about different religions. I mean let's be honest... There is no limit on education and how much you can learn. In my religion we believe that your knowledge and your education, whether it be from a formal education or attending the school of hard knocks that is life, that is what you can take with you after you die. So we believe in education and I personally believe in having as much of it as possible. I understand religious freedoms and that we can all choose to worship absolutely however we please. Instead of using that to push my religion onto others, I choose to use it as a learning experience. I find that people are much more accepting and have the potential to become better friends if they feel as though you are curious and understanding and accepting of the way they choose to live their lives as opposed to being judgmental. This short article from explains how as LDS people we can appreciate and participate in another religions holidays.

*Side note - Speaking of education... I just found out yesterday that I will be graduating with my Master Degree in Sports Management with a specialized certificate in Athletic Administration in August as opposed to October. Hard work pays off my friends! Also if you know of any job openings in this field... send them my way!

In my studies of religion, I discovered Lent. And from the minute I heard about it I loved it! From the minute I heard about it I have participated in it. I absolutely love the idea behind it. For those of you who aren't familiar with Lent let me give you a little quick background. Lent begins every year on Ash Wednesday and ends the Thursday before Easter, April 17th this year. During that period of time participants choose to give up something in their lives. People give up anything from smoking to social media to some other crazy stuff. These are things that will surely tempt them during this time, but it represents the 40 days and 40 nights of fasting that Christ experienced. Isn't that great? What a wonderful teaching opportunity for your children. Aniston is still too young to join in, but maybe next year. Lent gives people the opportunity to encourage one another regardless of their past or what it is that they are giving up. And I just think that is so great! We should reach out to one another and encourage each other more to become better, yet we seem to fall short and get stuck on judging one another instead. Judging one another is not our responsibility at all.

Every year I have given up Taco Bell and Soda. I know I don't need these things in my life, but they do help to make life taste sooooooooooooo much better. And I will be honest with you, I usually indulged in both the day Lent ends. I think that might completely ruin the whole aspect of it, but no matter what, I stick to my 40 days! And although it seems like a petty comparison, I feel as though Lent does help bring me closer to Christ and gives me a better understanding of how he felt throughout those 40 days and 40 nights. Lent helps me appreciate my Savior a little more than I have in the past.

I appreciate this time to give up things that I can certainly live without and to embrace life without them. I appreciate the idea behind Lent. I plan on using this time to make and create and discover new recipes with my family that we can enjoy sitting around the table as opposed to eating in a car or a restaurant or on the couch. I want to use this time to become closer to my family and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I want to take this time to get my priorities straight.

So here I go.... 


  1. Love the post Jennifer! You explained Lent beautifully. I've "fallen off the wagon" so to speak in some of my religious observances, but you've inspired me! I'm giving up soda and smoking for Lent. I want to quit smoking in the worst way and I know its going to be hard. I'm determined though ... wish me luck and say a few prayers!

  2. Good for you Kim!!!! I will definitely be sending prayers your way! You can do this! It will be worth it!