Saturday, July 1, 2017

Everything You Missed... June 2017 Edition

June was a rough month.
We did a lot of fun things,
but it was just tough.
I for one am glad it's over!

So much swimming!!!


Aniston is quite the artist! 
I'm thinking Tim Burton might be interested in her talents...

 Nana and Ry came to visiting for a few days so that Uncle Ry could go to Orientation at the University of Utah. 
We can't wait to have him living close to us!

Aniston loves her lady bugs!

More splash pad fun!

 Spencer's work put on this AMAZING kids fair! 
It was so AWESOME!

We loved having them visit!!!

Concert Date night at Collective Soul.

Sick girl smiles!

Benson loves to make Jessie and Woody kiss.

When I let her pick out her own shoes...

Best friends at the mall.

We love the water!

Date night at Top Golf!

Father's Day!

We love bows!
The bigger the better!

They like weird shows,
and they like to watch them in weird ways...

Swimming at our neighbor's pool!

 Such a poser!

Breakfast dates with my favorites!

My kids love to hold hands with mannequins.
It's weird, right?

 My new favorite shirt...

Flowers for days!

Bedtime stories!

FHE at the Nickelcade!!!

Climbing trees with your best friend!

 More climbing....

Benson got sick and he lost a little bit of weight.... 

It's too much....
Darn Minnions.

When you have an older sister...

Pool fun!

Benson is The Terminator.

Everything is a race when it comes to my kids....
Lucky for us,
Benson loves to lose!


Benson is obsessed with the song "Push It!"

Benson has the smallest waist ever!

Here's to a better July!

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