Monday, January 9, 2017

Everything You Missed... December 2016 Edition

December is such a busy month for everyone!
It's a little exhausting.
But here are some of our moments that you may have missed...

Last family photo of 2016....

This mask is a part of our lives every day,
regardless of season.

 One of our favorite Christmas traditions is visiting Santa at the carousel!
it's one of Mom's favorites.
My kids do not like Santa.

 Benson showed us all how to correctly eat apple butter from Texas Roadhouse.

Just make sure you watch the video at the end of this post that corresponds with this picture.
It's the best thing ever!

Benson doesn't always like it when I have to work,
so he will just lay under the chairs in my office and watch me.

I busted our the Super Nintendo one day,
and Ani and I had a blast!

Benson struggled with his 3 year old appointment.

But I managed to get a smile out of him.
No shots!

Benson is a nose picker...
We are seriously going to miss our doctor here like crazy when we move!
He has seen both kids since birth and is basically the best!

I love it when they nap together!

Everything Buzz,
and his spinach smoothie.

Benson is CRAZY naughty!
Like worse than Ani ever was.
he even will put himself in time out.

My mom took the kids during my all day Check-Out's,
so of course I had to FaceTime with them because I missed their faces so much!

Cute girl ready to bowl with Santa for her school party.

But if looks could kill,
Santa would be a very dead man.

Benson also has crazy emotions.
Also he doesn't love the snow so that may have played a factor.

 Abs of steel!!!

Aniston's go to picture face.

We went furniture shopping with my parents and Benson fell asleep.
He slept like that for at least 30 minutes.

 Pony rides from his best friend.

His hair!

Aniston had a Star Wars party at school before Christmas break,
so I grabbed a white sheet and whipped up a costume for her.

Open gym may save my sanity during the winter.
My kids are obsessed!

This girl is crazy!

Just swinging away...

Foam pits and kids are the best am I right?

Peace bro!

It has been so cold in Rexburg! 
Like -30 cold.
Our van doors froze shut.

Jesus will save everyone.

It never stops!

Awwww SNAP!

Benson's favorite word is "no",
it's super fun...

Spencer has been teaching Aniston the ways of the Karate Kid!

Furniture store sleeping.

We read Going on a bear hunt,
at least 3 times a day.
They love it!

The Holiday armadillo!!!

I am so excited that 2016 is over!!!!
Bring on 2017!

Monday, January 2, 2017

DAY 1752... My Word

A few years ago I picked a word that I wanted to represent in the new year.
and I LOVED that!
I thought it was fun,
and simple,
and an easy way to make changes without setting impossible goals.
I am so good at not reaching my goals that if it were an Olympic sport I would be Michael Phelps.
Because of that it's really hard for me to set goals,
because I assume I will fail.
I know that's awful,
but it's the way my brain works and it's the truth.

This year,
the word I have chosen is......

This is something that I have been trying to do for a while,
and I figure with a big move this year,
(guys, we are so excited it's insane)
it's the perfect time to simplify my life.

I'm not going minimalist,
or throwing out everything,
but I really just want to focus a lot more on memories and experiences as opposed to things.

It will be a challenge for me for sure,
but I know that it will greatly benefit my life,
and probably set a good example for my kids.

I tend to over-do everything and clutter up my life with everything,
and it stresses me out,
makes me crazy,
and it is not okay.

So I'm going to try to simplify holidays,
our home,
church callings,
everything basically.

I'm hoping to teach myself that it's okay to say no if I am already feeling burdened down.
I'm hoping to feel less stress and more peace.
I'm hoping to develop healthy habits and schedules.
I'm hoping to make outstanding memories with my family.
I'm hoping to instill good habits in my children.
I'm just really hoping I can do this.

And if I can only do it in 1 area of my life,
that's enough.
No pressure right?