Monday, January 2, 2017

DAY 1752... My Word

A few years ago I picked a word that I wanted to represent in the new year.
and I LOVED that!
I thought it was fun,
and simple,
and an easy way to make changes without setting impossible goals.
I am so good at not reaching my goals that if it were an Olympic sport I would be Michael Phelps.
Because of that it's really hard for me to set goals,
because I assume I will fail.
I know that's awful,
but it's the way my brain works and it's the truth.

This year,
the word I have chosen is......

This is something that I have been trying to do for a while,
and I figure with a big move this year,
(guys, we are so excited it's insane)
it's the perfect time to simplify my life.

I'm not going minimalist,
or throwing out everything,
but I really just want to focus a lot more on memories and experiences as opposed to things.

It will be a challenge for me for sure,
but I know that it will greatly benefit my life,
and probably set a good example for my kids.

I tend to over-do everything and clutter up my life with everything,
and it stresses me out,
makes me crazy,
and it is not okay.

So I'm going to try to simplify holidays,
our home,
church callings,
everything basically.

I'm hoping to teach myself that it's okay to say no if I am already feeling burdened down.
I'm hoping to feel less stress and more peace.
I'm hoping to develop healthy habits and schedules.
I'm hoping to make outstanding memories with my family.
I'm hoping to instill good habits in my children.
I'm just really hoping I can do this.

And if I can only do it in 1 area of my life,
that's enough.
No pressure right?



  1. I love this IDEA! It is easy & not overwhelming with trying to accomplish a goal.
    Your word is perfect, Im also trying to simplify.
    I think my word would be PASSION. to find passion in things again. Last year i personally went through a rut and this year I want to find that passion for my home, my family, my future, my fitness & passion for life.

    1. Jess, I LOVE your word. I have found that the older I get, the less passion I have. I remember when I use to be so passionate about everything, but somehow that all faded away. So sad! Good luck this year! Your word is perfect!