Thursday, June 1, 2017

Everything You Missed... May 2017 Edition

May flew by for us! 
We have been so busy!
Can time please slow down for just a minute!!!

Look at that husband of mine...

And it's official!!!

We are LOVING all the baseball games!
Go Bees!

Summer nights in the yard.

May the 4th be with you!

Zoo days...

 I went in to check on Aniston one night and she had fallen asleep "reading" her scriptures!
Love it!
PS - She can't read...

Fun in the sun.

If you don't look like this after eating ice cream...
you're doing it all wrong!

Aniston had been spending a lot of time with her imaginary friend Stephen lately...

Our friends made homemade churros and they were to die for!!!

Girls night out!

Every picture can't always be perfect...

Dress up,
every day...

Didn't love getting his hair cut...

He is espeically cute in the morning.

 Aniston had her kindergarten open house in May!!!
She is so excited for school!

So many choices...

 Park at the park by Grandma's and Grandpa's!

 He may or may not have gotten stuck...

Sunday walks every week.

Give him all the kitchen tools.

We had a snow day in May.
Not cool.

Spencer and I in Lego form...

Benson was not a fan of the glass elevator at the downtown library...


Our walks take twice as long now that Benson has discovered bugs...


More fun at the zoo.

Movies at Nana's.

Our favorite Rexburg treat!

Loved visiting with my graduates!

Too much fun with cousin Cortney!

Benson's first time on the Ferris wheel at Scheel's!

Hi friends!

When he falls asleep on you and you have so much to do!

Helmets and water guns.

Walks with Ani!

Memorial Day hike...


 Aniston is growing pumpkins and they are growing so good!!!!

We probably shouldn't teach him things like this....
I blame the movie Sing.

The family that sings together,
stays together.

Our mornings are the best!

They are out of control...
Especially in public!

These curls....

Still dancing every day.

How to get to Rexburg...

Zoo booty..

It's almost time...

May was AWESOME!!!
Hopefully June will be able to measure up...

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